What's a Children's Dream Racer™? A Dream Racer is a child-sized version of a real NASCAR race car. Built by retired NASCAR car builder and founder Mark "Smitty" Smith, the Children's Dream Racer™ is an exciting entertainment platform designed to provide a diversion from the anxiety and boredom of visits to the doctor's office. Made with the same materials as real NASCAR cars, Children's Dream Racers™ feature a flat panel TV, CD/DVD player, PlayStation® video game console, and an IV stand/oxygen bottle trunk.


Thank you to all who donated to the 

VAHU Children's Dream Racer 

at St. Mary's Hospital in Richmond, VA.

Click HERE to read about the dedication ceremony at St. Mary's Hospital.



Corporate Sponsorship

Quarter Panel Sponsorship
Richmond Harley Davidson
George Wills

Roof Sponsorship
Rodger Bayne, Benefit Indemnity Corp.

Wheel Well Sponsorship
Christy Lyons, Lyons & Associations
Timothy Hicks


Individual Sponsorship

Back Panel Donation
  • Lynn Atkinson
  • Nicholas Carel
  • Kris Griffin
  • Alan Jones
  • Heather Kochanowicz
  • Amy Mutter
  • Steve Sloan
Personal Donation
  • Carrie Bartlett
  • Lori Carter
  • Sharon Labons
  • Jonathan Lowe
  • Kathie Naylor
  • Lawrence Stutts
  • Stanley Ullman