Op Shout
The National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) is the leading professional association for health insurance agents, brokers, general agents and consultants. Our members work every day with individuals, families and employers of all sizes to help them purchase health insurance coverage and use that coverage in the best possible way. As a dedicated group of more than 100,000 benefit specialists from across the nation, we advocate on behalf of American health insurance consumers.
One of the primary ways we engage in advocacy for the consumer is by supporting legislation that ensures the future and stability of the insurance industry. Through Operation Shout, you as a member have the opportunity to participate in this process. As legislative needs arise, you will be prompted by staff to participate in Operation Shout. Participating is quick and easy. When you click on “write” you will have the option of using the message we have already created, which takes less than a minute, or composing your own. Either method is effective and sends a strong message to your member of Congress about the important issues facing us today. You can also check back at any time to view and send archived messages. When engaging in NAHU grassroots operations, remember that we are most effective when we speak with one voice.
The Commonwealth of Virginia is establishing a State Based Exchange on the Federal Platform for plan year 2021, before transitioning to a full State-Based Exchange by plan year 2023, in response to legislation enacted by the General Assembly during its 2020 Regular Session. The legislation directs the State Corporation Commission to create a new internal division – the Health Benefit Exchange Division – for this purpose. This division will administer the Virginia Health Benefit Exchange (Exchange). The Exchange will facilitate the purchase and sale of qualified health plans and qualified dental plans to support the continuity of coverage and reduce the number of uninsured.
Among its provisions, §38.2-6503 of the Code of Virginia provides for the creation of an Advisory Committee of up to 15 members to advise and provide recommendations to the Commission and Exchange Director in carrying out the purposes and duties of the Exchange. The Advisory Committee has a key role to play in Exchange planning and operations throughout the transition and beyond. 
The Commission will appoint the following members: 
  • At least three non-legislative citizen members, including an individual representing an organization that represents the Virginia insurance industry, an individual representing insurance agents, and a consumer representative; and 
  • Other members it deems appropriate.
Filling out the committee appointments, the Governor will appoint five members, with the legislation designating another five ex officio nonvoting members. A majority of the members appointed by the Governor and by the Commission must not have a conflict of interest as set forth in the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
As part of its appointment process, the Commission is identifying a diverse pool of candidates. If you would be willing and able to serve, please email Kathie Naylor, our VAHU legislative chair by August 3, 2020.