Balance Billing Stories Needed

NAHU is committed to working with policymakers both at the federal and state levels to address the issue of balance billing. Our team is in urgent need of your client stories / experiences with this issue in our state. Please complete the survey to share. Results WILL NOT be displayed online and will be shared only with NAHU and legislators committed to addressing this issue.  Please ONLY share summary of experience and refrain from oversharing personal client details such as name at this time.  Thank you for your support!

Please click HERE to submit your story.

Active Engagement with Commerce and Labor (C&L) Committee Members

We need each Leg-Chair to coordinate with their board and create a committee of 4-5 members willing to spend 30 minutes with a C&L Member 2 times a year OUTSIDE OF THE GENERAL SESSION.  On the VAHU site, we have listed all the contact information of C&L Members, along with infographics that we can utilize as leave behinds.  The idea here is to educate them on who we are, what we do, and HOW VAHU CAN HELP THEM WITH CONSTITUENT ISSUES.

2019-20 VAHU Legislative Management Team

BMD Infographic

Cadillac Tax Infographic

Commerce Labor Members by Chapter

Employee Exclusion Infographic Pool

Navigator vs. Agent Infographic

Role of the Agent Frank Free Advisor

Role of the Agent Lou Low Cost Advisor

Single Payer Tornado Infographic