Strategic Plan

The VAHU Board takes strategic planning very seriously! We develop an aggressive plan of goals and action items annually, and we need your support to make this year a success.  

Virginia Association of Health Underwriters
Strategic Plan

7/1/17 - 6/30/18

Overall Objectives for 2017-2018
  • Improve membership growth and retention by providing consistent a member value within all the categories outlined below
  • Net membership growth at a minimum of 3% (10 members)
  • Striving for 10% (32 members).

1. Communication

We will provide reliable and frequent communication to our membership regarding all state and local events, legislative information both locally and nationally, and all other applicable news.

  • Monthly VAHU News Blast announcing all state and local chapter events
    • Sent via email
    • Posted on social media
  • Quarterly VAHU Newsletter with relevant articles and news
    • Sent via email
    • Posted on social media
    • Printed & mailed if we have applicable sponsorship
  • Press Releases developed and sent to media outlets on all statewide announcements
    • Sent via email
    • Posted on social media
  • Event Announcements and Reminders for all State events, such as CE Day, Annual Conference and Day on the Hill
    • Sent via email
    • Posted on social media
  • Email Announcements as needed on any breaking industry news
  • Develop Social Media Campaign on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to provide frequent messaging to gain followers. Communicate hashtags to build trends, as well as for contests.

2. Legislative

We will continue to develop strong relationships with our state legislators to influence appropriate legislation regarding health care in Virginia.

  • Communicate regularly with our Virginia State Lobbyist.
  • Attend Monthly Region II calls, and communicate the needs of the Virginia membership on those calls. Also provide a summary of meeting to State Board.
  • Hold Monthly Statewide Call with Chapter Legislative Chairs to provide a steady flow of information on all legislative matters.
  • Provide Legislative news and articles to Jaffe to include in newsletter as well as to send out as needed on any breaking news.
  • Coordinate Operation Shout as needed.
  • Plan and manage Day on the Hill in Richmond

3. Education and Networking

We will provide education and networking opportunities for our members throughout the year and support for our local chapters.

  • Plan and manage the following statewide events:
    • CE Day
    • Day on the Hill
    • Statewide Conference
  • Provide a minimum of 10 CE credits throughout the year at noted statewide events, and CEs must be interesting and relevant to our members
  • Provide quality networking time at each statewide event through interactive activities
  • Provide support and guidance for local chapters by providing the following:
    • Speaker list on shared drive
    • Meeting templates
    • Monthly Professional Development Calls with chapter chairs

4. Community Service

We will create a statewide community service committee consisting of community service chairs from each chapter, with the sole purpose of giving back to the communities in which we all serve.

  • Hold monthly statewide call with chapter chairs to coordinate charities, volunteer day(s) of service, and other applicable information.
  • Assist chapters with selection of volunteer dates, as well as communication of events if needed.
  • Select a state charity centrally located and hold state board volunteer day.
  • Incorporate charity event at State Conference.
  • Communicate community service hashtag to use for all related events.
  • Develop community service awards for individuals as well as chapter to be given out at State Conference.

5. Chapter Development

We will encourage and support our local chapters on all aspects of chapter development such as succession planning, leadership, growth, and organization.

  • Hold monthly statewide call with chapter presidents to discuss chapter needs and opportunities to assist.
  • Attend Region II Monthly calls and report back any news and organization updates to all chapters.
  • Communicate and educate on NAHU and VAHU leadership tools.
  • Provide leadership training at annual conference.
  • Support planning of local chapter calendar of events, and assist as needed with any tasks associated with this.